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Rumer – Boys Don’t Cry



I discovered Rumer a couple of years ago with her excellent debut album “Seasons Of My Soul”. I was immediately struck by her beautiful and soulful voice. Many reviewers have compared Rumer’s voice to that of Karen Carpenter and they certainly share some of the same vocal qualities.

“Boy’s Don’t Cry” is Rumer’s second album and is a covers album. An album of covers is always a risky venture but this one pays off. Two things I like about covers albums are when they feature songs I don’t really know and if there is some sort of coherent theme. “Boys Don’t Cry” ticks both those boxes. It is an album of laid back 70s songs written by and about men who have suffered some sort of emotional set back. I hadn’t heard of any of the songs before so I had no preconceptions.

“PF Sloane” (originally by Jimmy Webb) was the first single. It didn’t exactly set the charts on fire which is criminal. Maybe a bit too folksy for today’s audiences but wonderful all the same. I could listen to Rumer’s voice for hours.

“Sara Smile” from Daryl Hall and John Oates was apparently their break-through single but again, I hadn’t heard of it before. Rumer’s version became the second and final single from the album and is in a very similar vein to the first single and indeed the rest of the album.