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NEO – Reborn


I first discovered NEO a in 2009 with the amazingly camp poppy song “Flower Power Super Girl” (the name says it all). A stunning debut album followed simply called “One”. In 2010, NEO entered Melodifestivalen with another great dance pop tune called “Human Frontier”. It didn’t win but it definitely helped raise NEO’s profile in Sweden. He repackaged the “One” album, added the Melodifestivalen song and called it “Human Frontier”. I was excited for this second album but it had all the same songs as the first plus one new one which I already had on the Melodifestivalen CD.

So, I had been waiting for a real second album for quite a long time and 2012 was the year. “Reborn” came out early in the year and did not disappoint. Still dance pop, still with NEO’s trademark falsetto but it was definitely a progression from his first album. A little darker, a little more downbeat but still very catchy and very listenable and it has a big sound. It still gets regular spins at my place.

There have been a number of singles released from the album but only two have video clips. “Underground” which I have written about before and “Toxicated Love”, one of the songs used for Stockholm Pride.

If you have Spotify, you can listen to the album below. This is the first time I have put in a Spotify link so hopefully it works.


Why do Swedes like to kill their pop stars?

This is a question that has started to perplex me. In recent times there have been a glut of video clips from Swedish artists that have seen the lead singer perish.

The first hint happened back in 2006. The lovely Martin from BWO keeps getting killed in a car accident in the clip for “We Could Be Heroes”. I remember being surprised and feeling a little uncomfortable although in the final replaying of the scene, the car misses him.

Flash forward to 2010 and it seems that every clip is out to get the star. The manboy himself, Eric Saade released “Masquerade” as a single. The storyline features Eric as a lowly stable boy who falls in love with one of the rich folk. The forbidden romance gets discovered which means curtains for poor Eric in the form of an execution. Although you don’t get to see it, the sound effects leave little room for doubt that he has lost his head!

Darin released a great song called “Lovekiller” and like Eric’s clip, it runs like a mini movie. Unlike Eric’s clip, it starts with Darin murdered by the Lovekiller in a scene reminiscent of CSI Stockholm. Not for the squeamish since you do get to see blood and the big knife.

Even our darling September cops it. She ends up on an operating table in “Resuscitate Me” and promptly flatlines. She spends the rest of the clip as a ghostly vision. A miracle does happen right at the end so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Finally, a clip I featured recently – NEO with the song “Underground”. Like Martin in “We Could Be Heroes”, he gets repeatedly killed by a car, stares in a mirror and screams at the heavens. In the final moments, he discovers that he has super powers so there is a happy ending of sorts (but not for the driver of the car).

All great songs with great videos but what is it with with the death theme? Is it a Swedish thing?


NEO changes style too

Gotta love Swedish Stereo, my favourite music blog. They alerted me to this new single from NEO who I first discovered back in 2009 with such wonderful songs like “Flower Power Super Girl” and a cover of Leo Sayer’s “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”. Pure flamboyant pop music punctuated with some amazing falsetto vocals. NEO also took part in last year’s Melodifestivalen with a great song called “Human Frontier”.

Like Brandur, NEO has changed musical style and image with his new single “Underground”. Still dance music but more downbeat and with a darker edge. I love it.

Unlike Brandur, the single *is* available internationally and is on the Australian iTunes. There is also a stylish and classy video so check it out.