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Mark Wilkinson – What Music Is All About

Last night, I was sitting in a community church hall in Glebe which resembled a rather large lounge room. Lots of sofas, armchairs and an odd assortment of chairs and coffee tables. There were 110 of us, all there to experience the magic of Mark Wilkinson performing live.

This was my second time seeing Mark perform. The first time was a few months ago in a tiny basement club near Kings Cross during a two week holiday. Due to a lack of funds, I decided to have a “staycation”, a holiday at home playing tourist in my own city. One thing I had decided to do was to discover a new artist. Some unkind friends tell me that I already have too many CDs (I do) and don’t need anymore (not true). I have quite a few friends who are eternally stuck in the past when it comes to music. They often make sweeping statements about modern music being rubbish which irritates me no end. There is still plenty of great music being created by great artists and I still get a kick out of discovering a new artist.

So, who was it to be? I quickly dismissed sites like Ticketek and Ticketmaster and found myself at Moshtix scouring the list of artists performing in Sydney during those two weeks. It felt a bit like drawing up a shortlist of job applicants to interview. Mark’s write-up caught my eye with words like “fiercely independent” and “soulful voice”. I checked a couple of clips on YouTube, liked what I heard and booked a ticket. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It was an amazing show and I was instantly a big fan.

Last night was the same. There is something refreshing about a guy with just a guitar, simply singing and playing amazing music. And the voice. Mark really does have an amazing voice. Soulful doesn’t really describe it completely. Mark’s voice is one of those voices that grabs you by the balls and by the heart and drags you along for the ride. I really could listen to Mark’s voice all night long. I had quite a few emotional moments last night thanks to that voice. I kept thinking this is what music is meant to be about.

Another appealing thing about Mark is that he hasn’t succumbed to showbiz. He really comes across as a really down to earth guy, someone you could quite easily have a few beers and lots of laughs with.

Mark released his debut album “Truth Came Running” earlier this year, one of my favourite albums of the year. A great collection of acoustic soul. It is available through his website and on iTunes internationally as are his EPs. Here are a selection of songs.

The first single from the album was “All I Ever Wanted” and it has a great clip filmed in South Africa. I want a t-shirt with “I’m Alive” on it. 🙂

A favourite song of mine that is on the album. “Should’ve Been”.

Mark has that knack with cover versions of totally owning the song. This is the OneRepublic song “Secrets” that is on Mark’s latest EP “Sweet White Lies”.

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