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Nice pic of Eric Saade

I love this pic of Eric Saade, taking some time out during the high pressure atmosphere of Eurovision. Eric is justifiably one of the favourites to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 for Sweden.

Although winning the Contest a respectable four times, Sweden has had a run of bad luck over the last few years and didn’t even qualify for the final last year. I am confident that Eric will do well enough to break the bad run and get Sweden back into the top 5, and quite possibly the top spot.

Go Eric.


Congratulations Eric

Congratulations to Eric Saade for being chosen to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. His song “Popular” won by an overwhelming majority and sees Sweden with a real chance to win in Dusseldörf.


Melodifestivalen final – here we come

Tonight, Swedish time, sees the final for Melodifestivalen which will select Sweden’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. It seems that the two favourites, Eric Saade and Danny Saucedo, are getting overly friendly in the picture above. This shot has been appearing on schlager blogs all over the net so how could I resist such a shot. Sadly, as the following video shows, it’s just the two guys mucking about at a press conference. But it does embody the spirit of Melodifestivalen. The friendly rivalry and the fun that the participants bring to the atmosphere, one could almost say a sense of family.

I have read quite a few schlager blogs complaining about the final line up of songs. I actually think it’s a good and varied line up, a bit of something for everyone. The Swedes actually have a range to choose from which should make it more interesting.

I have already commented on Sara Varga (my favourite in the final) and Eric Saade (the one that should go to Dusseldörf) but I thought I would give my impressions of the remaining eight songs for what it’s worth.

Danny – In The Club

Eric Saade’s closest rival, I think this club tune will give Eric a run for his money. It’s modern and would appeal to a younger audience (as long as they are the ones voting). I’m not that keen on it myself (I must be getting old) but I’m sure it would do well at Eurovision.

The Moniker – Oh My God

A lot of people seem to hate this very happy pop song but I quite like it and certainly won’t be skipping it when I get the CD. Kinda like Mika but not done as well, still it’s fun. I don’t think it’s a contender.

Brolle – 7 Days and 7 Nights

I really like this slice of rock pop from Sweden’s so-called answer to Elvis. I find myself singing it a lot. I have a feeling it will do well at the final but not well enough.

Linda Bengtzing – E Det Fel På Mig

Linda has entered Melodifestivalen a number of times in the past but this would have to be her weakest entry yet. I know I should like it but I just can’t. I think the only reason it made it to the final was the general low standard of the songs in the fourth semi final, one of the worst semi finals since they introduced the semi final format.

Nicke Borg – Leaving Home

I don’t like this rock ballad from the lead singer of the internationally known Backyard Babies. I think there will be an audience for this song but I just don’t think that the fans of Backyard Babies are the kind of people to watch Melodifestivalen or Eurovision.

Swingfly – Me And My Drum

Although I don’t normally like rap, the chorus of this song is so damn catchy it could get through. It would be one of those annoying summer hits that Europe seems to love so much. If it does get through, it could even manage a decent placing at Eurovision. Certainly not a favourite by far but not the end of the world if it ended up representing Sweden.

Sanna Nielsen – I’m In Love

Although Sanna does have a loyal fan base and this schlager number is quite listenable, I don’t think it will do too well.  Nothing wrong with schlager of course, but voting audiences seems to be moving away from it.

The Playtones – The King

This rock ‘n roll pastiche is catchy and should do well but I think it would be regarded as too much of a novelty song by European audiences.

Part of the fun of Melodifestivalen is and Eurovision is not really knowing which way the voters will swing. Since the semi finals were brought in, the eventual winner of Melodifestivalen  has always come first in their respective semi final. This would mean that only Danny, Sanna, Eric and Linda are in the running. But the real unknown factor this year is that for the first time, 11 international juries will be voting and will make up half the vote with the general public making up the other half. Watch the sparks fly in the Swedish media if the jury vote changes the general public’s choice!

Still, all things considered, I think Eric Saade will be eventual winner and that he could very well take out the Eurovision crown for Sweden. I guess that time will tell.


Will Eric Saade restore Sweden’s standing at Eurovision?

It’s no secret that Sweden hasn’t been going too well at Eurovision in recent years but hopefully that’s about to change.

Eric Saade is hot favourite to win Melodifestivalen, the Swedish heats to select the artist to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest and if he is not selected, the Swedes must be crazy.

This year’s Melodifestivalen has been rather lack lustre. The format is becoming tired and the quality of songs just hasn’t been there. I really haven’t enjoyed the show that much this year and the fourth semi final was one of the worst since they introduced the semi final format. The hosts have been boring with no chemistry and the comedy sketches have been decidedly unfunny. Melodifestivalen is in desperate need of a revamp.

But Eric was a breath of fresh air with his song “Popular”. Yes, some of the other songs have been very good (Dilba, Sebastian, Jenny Silver and Sara Varga all leap to mind) but Eric is the total package. Memorable performance (Eric crashing his way out of a glass box), memorable song, easy to sing along to and Eric himself. Not only is he is easy on the eye but he does come across as an all round nice guy. He ticks all the Eurovision boxes in a way that none of the other contenders do.

Eric still has to win the Swedish final which is being held in Stockholm on Saturday 12 March 2011. Ahead of the final, the single for “Popular” is being released in Sweden today in both a digital format and physical CD format (cover above).

Lets hope Sweden get it right this year and select Eric to represent them. I am sure that Sweden will rank highly and could even win in Düsseldorf.


Why do Swedes like to kill their pop stars?

This is a question that has started to perplex me. In recent times there have been a glut of video clips from Swedish artists that have seen the lead singer perish.

The first hint happened back in 2006. The lovely Martin from BWO keeps getting killed in a car accident in the clip for “We Could Be Heroes”. I remember being surprised and feeling a little uncomfortable although in the final replaying of the scene, the car misses him.

Flash forward to 2010 and it seems that every clip is out to get the star. The manboy himself, Eric Saade released “Masquerade” as a single. The storyline features Eric as a lowly stable boy who falls in love with one of the rich folk. The forbidden romance gets discovered which means curtains for poor Eric in the form of an execution. Although you don’t get to see it, the sound effects leave little room for doubt that he has lost his head!

Darin released a great song called “Lovekiller” and like Eric’s clip, it runs like a mini movie. Unlike Eric’s clip, it starts with Darin murdered by the Lovekiller in a scene reminiscent of CSI Stockholm. Not for the squeamish since you do get to see blood and the big knife.

Even our darling September cops it. She ends up on an operating table in “Resuscitate Me” and promptly flatlines. She spends the rest of the clip as a ghostly vision. A miracle does happen right at the end so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Finally, a clip I featured recently – NEO with the song “Underground”. Like Martin in “We Could Be Heroes”, he gets repeatedly killed by a car, stares in a mirror and screams at the heavens. In the final moments, he discovers that he has super powers so there is a happy ending of sorts (but not for the driver of the car).

All great songs with great videos but what is it with with the death theme? Is it a Swedish thing?


Melodifestivalen 2010 – lead up to the final

Well, in last week’s second chance final, two women got through – the wonderful Pernilla Wahlgren and the not-so-wonderful Jessica Andersson. No offence to Jessica but her song is sooo boring. Ican’t believe it got through over Alcazar or Neo. I suspect that part of the problem was the silly way that the duels were set up (a pointless exercise). I think many of the people who liked Alcazar also liked Neo and vice versa. The result was a split vote that let Jessica and Kalle Moreaus through, both boring songs. Jessica then beat Kalle. Sigh.

Anyway, that’s how the game works and it is all a game after all. Not much point bitchin’ about it!

We’re gearing up for the final which is this weekend. Here are the ten finalists with my comments for what they’re worth. They are in the order that they will be performing.

Darin – You’re Out Of My Life

Quite disappointing actually. Darin was favourite to win the contest but I’m sure that’s changed now that everyone has heard the song. Darin ha the potential to be an international star but I don’t think this will be the song to do it. He has released much better ones than this in his career.

Pernilla Wahlgren – Jag Vill Om Du Vågar

Pure schlager and I love it. Plus it’s in Swedish too which in my view is a definite plus. She’s gorgeous and the song is a lot of fun. I wonder if she’ll do an English version should she win.

Andreas Johnson – We Can Work It Out

I don’t mind this song at all and it’s quite good. I just don’t think it’s memorable enough to win. I always enjoy listening to it but five minutes later, I can’t remember how it goes.

Timoteij – Kom

Another Swedish song (there are only two in the final) but boring. A bit too folksy for an international contest.

Peter Jöback – Hollow

My favourite, of course. A big ballad sung with a big voice. This will get people’s attention for sure. Plus it helps that Peter is known outside of Sweden.

Ola – Unstoppable

I wasn’t too impressed at first but it has really grown on me. Its main hook is the catchy piano riff which reminds me of “The Persuaders” TV theme for some reason.

Jessica Andersson – I Did It For Love

As already mentioned, boring. There’s no real heart or soul in this song.

Salem Al Fakir – Keep On Walking.

I love this infectious slice of indy pop. It’s a bit different to the norm which makes it stand out. I’m sure it will do well.

Anna Bergendahl – This Is My Life

A ballad but one with some heart and soul (unlike Jessica). Not my favourtie but I don’t mind it at all. I have a feeling this will do well on Saturday and could even be the winner. I hope not.

Eric Saade – Manboy

He’s cute with a killer smile and the song is a lot of fun. Definitely the best performance with the shower scene at the end. I’m sure this will do well and being the last song won’t hurt.

In order, my favourites are:

  1. Peter Jöback – Hollow
  2. Salem Al Fakir – Keep On Walking
  3. Pernilla Wahlgren – Jag Vill Om Du Vågar
  4. Eric Saade – Manboy
  5. Ola – Unstoppable

Eric Saade – Sleepless

19 year old Swedish guy, Eric Saade has released his debut single, “Sleepless”, and it is available on the international iTunes. It’s very catchy and the clip is sure to win him fans. He is certainly easy on the eye in a emo sort of way (whatever an emo is – I’m useless at all these labels). I certainly wouldn’t let his looks influence me in any way. Okay, I’m lying now. 🙂

Eric’s next single is called “Manboy” and is one of the contenders in this year’s Melodifestivalen. If “Sleepless” is any indication, Eric could have quite a future.

For more information about Eric, check his official site and his MySpace page.