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The Brandur video is here – The Illusion Of…

Back in January I mentioned the new single from Brandur, the Faroese singer based in Stockholm. The song is “The Illusion Of…” and is a high powered piece of electropop.

The video is now out and is a classy affair featuring a lot of feathers, balloons and a good/evil thing going on with what appears to be Celtic undertones. Brandur himself is shirtless throughout and looking good in what might be an attempt to pitch him at the teen market but don’t let that put you off. Brandur is a very talented singer/songwriter and I’m sure he’s going to be around for many a year.

The song is available digitally at iTunes internationally. I was able to buy it here in Australia which means that it should be everywhere.


Brandur changes style

I do have eclectic music taste and do like my favourite singers to be eclectic too. Even so, it was a real surprise to discover that Brandur (from the Faroe Islands via Sweden) has gone all out electropop thanks to the wonderful Swedish Stereo blog (well worth checking out).

I first discovered Brandur in the 2008 Melodifestivalen singing a really sweet ballad called “Lullaby”. Last year, he released a very good album of strong, melodic pop songs and reminded me a modern version of Ted Gärdestad. I have written about him before here and here.

But now, Brandur has shown that there are more strings to his bow with this fast, energetic electropop stomper. It starts off a little slow and then explodes.

It was released today on the Swedish iTunes and I am not very happy that it is not available worldwide. This is a huge bugbear of mine and I really wish the record companies would get their act together. They are the ones killing the music industry. Oops, I better stop there before I climb on to my soap box!

Back to Brandur, he is a very talented singer/songwriter who has shown that he has many facets to his talent. I am sure that he will be one to watch and lets hope that he can finally get the recognition he deserves both in Sweden and internationally.

Brandur – The Illusion Of by Music Week

EDIT: The single has been released internationally on iTunes. It just took a little longer to show up. Lets make it a hit.