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Every day’s a rerun and the laughter’s always canned

I have never been a Weird Al Yankovic fan but I have always loved “Ricky”, a parody of Toni Basil’s “Mickey”. The song and wonderful clip (Weird Al’s first) was all based around the old “I Love Lucy” show and featured the amazing Tress MacNeille as Lucille Ball. You may remember Tress’ voice as Agnes Skinner in “The Simpsons” and Mom in “Futurama”.

And of course, she’s also the famous Crazy Cat Lady.

Anyway, here’s the clip. A very funny and clever send up.


Stop it Debbie, you’re embarrassing me

This is a camp classic. Julie Brown’s hilarious clip for “The Homecoming Queen Has Got A Gun”.

Watch for the end for the hunky cop and the drag queen surreptitiously stealing Debbie’s tiara. Lots of fun bits and lyrics in between.


The truth behind Sydney’s red dust storm…

Red Storm Warning 3

As this exclusive picture shows, the real reason for the dust storm that engulfed Sydney is now clear.


This has been doing the rounds at work so I’m not sure where it came from but it certainly made me smile. There are some clever and creative people out there. 🙂


Send me an angel…


Following on from JudgeG’s post about the perfect guy, here is an angelic picture of our Björn. He is a real sweetheart and not just for his looks. He is funny, down-to-earth and did I mention funny? Even if you don’t understand any of his Swedish sketches, he will still make you laugh.



Paris for President

I was quite horrified to see this on YouTube and even more horrified to admit that by the end of the clip, I really didn’t mind it all. It’s really just some harmless tongue-in-cheek fun from Paris Hilton. The world can be such a gloomy and stuffy place at times, especially around election times so a bit of campness can lighten the mood. It is very catchy and I’ve played it several times in a row now.

I must say that, joking aside, Paris’ policies are quite worthwhile. She supports gay marriage so she gets a big tick from me.


Kathy Griffin Hits Sydney

Kathy GriffinOn Friday I went to see the stand up comedy of Kathy Griffin at the Enmore Theatre. I haven’t laughed so much in years.

I must confess to being a bad gay. I hadn’t really heard of Kathy Griffin until last year. Sure, I remembered her from that hit and miss sitcom Suddenly Susan (Kathy was the highlight of the show) and her guest spot on Seinfeld but that was about it.

When I was in Stockholm last October, my friend Gustav gave me a crash course on all things Kathy Griffin. We watched a few of her stand up shows that he had plus he gave me a lot of background info on Kathy. I left Stockholm with a much deeper appreciation of Kathy and a yearning to experience more of her comedy.

It was about a week ago that I discovered by accident that Kathy was doing a show at the Enmore Theatre. Being the gay community’s number one fag hag, I knew she had to be here for Mardi Gras and I also knew this was probably my only chance to see her perform live so I had to grab it. Unfortunately, it was a bit far for Gustav to come over. If only she had been a year earlier, he would have been able to go. I asked a friend from work, Tania, and she very quickly said yes.

Although the Enmore Theatre is one of the major concert venues, I had never actually been there. So for me, part of the experience was soaking in the atmosphere. The theatre was smaller than I thought but I loved the art deco of the place. I have always been an art deco fan.

We caught the end of the support act, an Australian comedian who wasn’t bad. I loved his rant about the stupidity of Facebook since I could totally relate to it.

Then it was time for Kathy. Her show started with a montage of clips from TV shows and movies she had been in. I was surprised at how many things she had been in, including The X Files and Pulp Fiction. Suddenly she bounced out onto the stage and it was all systems go for almost two hours of non-stop laughter.

Kathy loves her gays and the feeling was mutual. The predominantly gay audience loved her and it was easy to see why. She was totally in tune with gay sensibilities and gay humour.

It was so fast-paced, I’m finding it very difficult to remember the specifics. Britney Spears was dissected, especially her infamous appearance at those video awards. The Osmonds, including Marie’s fainting spell on Dancing With the Stars. Oprah. Scientology. Doctor Phil. Andy Dick. No one was safe. Kathy also shared a wonderful and very funny story of meeting and hanging out with [big gay gasp] Liza Minnelli (whom Kathy holds in high regard). Kathy also had a few stories with an Australian focus, including a dig at John Howard, the former and easily the worst Prime Minister we have ever had. That got a great response from the audience.

I wish I could remember all the funny lines but I’m sure I couldn’t do them justice. The best thing is to see Kathy in action herself, either live if you can manage it or on TV or DVD. She has her own reality show called Life On The D List which will apparently be shown on Arena TV in Australia later in the year. Parts of her performance were filmed for inclusion on the show and you may even see Tania and me since the camera did pass over us.

A great night out.