Tim Draxl – My Funny Valentine

my funny valentine


This is a jazz album from Tim Draxl, paying tribute to the legendary jazz singer and trumpet player Chet Baker.

Tim Draxl had put together a show called “Freeway – The Chet Baker Journey” along with Bryce Hallett. Chet Baker was at the peak of his success in the 1950s and he had a very colourful life. The show featured Tim telling Chet’s story and singing a selection of his signature songs. Finally, last year, Tim recorded this album of Chet Baker songs.

This is a very jazzy and smooth album. Tim has an amazing voice and it suits this style of music very well. He captures the essence of Chet Baker. I saw the show twice and was transfixed. I was thrilled when Tim announced he was doing this album.

This is a promo for the “Freeway” show which features Tim and others talking about Chet Baker and the show. There is footage from the rehearsals which will give you a feel for the show and the music and of course, Tim’s amazing singing.

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