Day Seven – Dusty Springfield – Reputation

Ah, Dusty. The world’s greatest singer ever and that’s not just my (ever so humble) opinion. Dusty had this talent of inhabiting a song and making it her own. She didn’t just sing a song, she interpreted it.

“Reputation” was the first Dusty album I bought back in 1990 and I used to play it to death, even though I haven’t listened to it for a couple of years. Yes, I was a late Dusty convert, thanks to the Pet Shop Boys. They had brought Dusty back into the public eye and to my attention by asking her to duet with them on the classic “What Have I Done To Deserve This” which was a big world-wide hit.

And then came two new hit singles from Dusty, both written and produced by the Pet Shop Boys. “Nothing Has Been Proved” was the haunting but wordy hit from the movie “Scandal”. “In Private” was 80s disco with a 60s retro feel. Fabulous stuff.

Both these singles were included on “Reputation”, an album produced by the Pet Shop Boys (five songs), Dan Hartman (three songs), Andy Richard (one song) and Paul O’Duffy (one song). Despite the mixture of producers, the album does have a consistent flow to it, probably because Neil Tennant was an executive producer for the project.

Possibly my favourite song on the album, is “Daydreaming”, written by the Pet Shop Boys. It really should have been a single. Dusty gets to rap which is remarkable in itself.

The trancy “Occupy My Mind” is another favourite on an album full of favourites.

Two of the non-Pet Shop Boys songs were also singles – “Reputation” and the lush ballad “Arrested By You”.

The high energy “Born This Way” got a run recently when it was touted as a leaked version of the Lady Gaga song of the same name (totally different song though) – and people fell for it!

Here is the camp clip for “In Private”. Dusty is looking fabulous.

The arty clip for “Arrested By You”.

The clip for “Nothing Has Been Proved” featured clips from the movie “Scandal” as well as cameos by Neil and Chris.

The title track “Reputation” is well worth an inclusion.

Finally, here is the 12″ version of “Daydreaming”. Sadly no video or TV performance exists.

I wish that EMI would consider releasing a deluxe package of this album – 2 CDs and a DVD. The second CD could contain all the remixes and the DVD would contain the video “Reputation – The Videos”. Not too much to ask, surely. 🙂

1 Response to “Day Seven – Dusty Springfield – Reputation”

  1. 1 Rocco
    July 2, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    I have this cd, I like it very much, my fave songs are “arrested by you”, “In private”, “reputation”, and “any other fool” added for the 1997 US release “Reputation & rarities” with some other bonus tracks. I have both cds.
    Then Dusty Springfield recorded another album “Very fine Love” in Nashville (which would be her last one), not exactly a country album except for a few songs, but anyway far from the sound in “reputation”.
    Best wishes.-

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