Day Six – Peter Jöback – Storybook

Well I had to include an album from Peter Jöback and I have been itching to listen to this album again for a while now. Unlike most of my other Peter-loving friends, I tend to prefer his pop material but I do like to indulge in his more theatrical stuff from time to time.

The idea behind the “Storybook” album was big songs with a story. Songs from stage and screen. And Peter chose well – well known songs mixed up with lesser known gems. This really is a great album.

My one beef (and I’m being mean-spirited here) is there is an instrumental track. As beautiful as it invariably is, “Theme from Schindler’s List” has no vocal. I realise that the album is also a spotlight for Gothenburg’s Symphony Orchestra and this is their track. Actually I should stop being selfish and give credit to the Orchestra for the amazing musical backing they give Peter throughout the album. They really add a touch of class to the proceedings and allow Peter’s strong voice to shine even more.

I have quite a few favourite tracks, including “Always On My Mind”, “I Who Have Nothing”, “I Don’t Care Much” and “Summer Wine”. Peter’s version of “She” has become the definitive one for me and is a favourite among Peter’s fans.

Lets see what I can find on You Tube to give you a taste of this album.

“Always On My Mind” has been recorded by so many including the Pet Shop Boys. Peter’s version is the more traditional one and his voice does lift this up into the stratosphere.

Here is an incredible performance of “She” at an athletics gala.

I really wanted to share “Summer Wine” with you. I found it but someone has put a slideshow of Michael Landon from “Bonanza” to it. Still, you can hear Peter’s voice in duet with Isa Norberg. Isa is really quite wonderful too. I have tried to find out more about her with no success.

“I Who Have Nothing” is one of those great songs and Peter’s version is easily the definitive one for me (sorry Shirley). Actually, a duet between Peter and Shirley Bassey on this song would be nothing short of amazing.

2 Responses to “Day Six – Peter Jöback – Storybook”

  1. 1 Elin
    August 10, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Peter is truly a wonderful singer.

    Here you have some information on Jessica Pilnäs aka Isa:

    I read there, she has recorded a version of ‘The winner takes it all’ together with Nils Landgren.

    Here is ‘Summer wine’ – live video 🙂

    All the best,
    Elin, Sweden

    • 2 twistinthedark
      August 10, 2011 at 11:23 pm

      Thank you Elin, especially for the link to the video of Peter and Isa. I should have looked at Daily Motion.

      I have managed to track down a lot more info about Isa/Jessica and am planning to write a blog entry just about her.

      I have now got the album with “The Winner Takes It All” and it’s a very good version. On the same album, she also sings a stunning version of the Eurythmics hit “There Must Be An Angel”.

      Tack så mycket.


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