Day Four – Kyle Riabko – The Parkdale Sessions

Apologies for missing day four yesterday but an imploding hot water tank messed up my plans.

Anyway, today we have a change in pace. Kyle Riabko is a Canadian singer/songwriter/guitarist and is incredibly talented at all three. I discovered his debut album a few years ago and was immediately blown away by his talent. I think of his style as acoustic blue-eyed soul.

What I didn’t find out until later was that Kyle toured Australia in 2005 as a support for Delta Goodrem. If only I had known. Kyle is a great live performer from what I can see on You Tube.

I picked Kyle’s second album “The Parkdale Sessions” to highlight. I love the immediacy and intimacy of this album. It almost has a live feel. Kyle played most of the instruments and recorded it in his apartment.

The album contains one of the most romantic love songs ever written, “Song For Amanda”.

Let’s go back to my place, open up a bottle of wine
We can move it slow, yeah I know you like to take your time
We’ll let Miles Davis play us into the mood
And if I’m lucky, I’ll steal a kiss from you

One of the joys of this song is that it doesn’t have to be about Amanda since she is not even mentioned in the lyrics. Kyle says the song is about his unrequited love for the actress Amanda Bynes although I suspect that was a clever marketing ploy. Still, it helped get the song noticed at the time.

Kyle also has a love for acting and has started to build a career. His highest profile role to date has probably been in “90210” as a love interest for the character Teddy who had recently come out as gay. Kyle’s first major role was on Broadway in the musical “Spring Awakening” as the lead character Melchior. Kyle included two of the songs from “Spring Awakening” on the album. Here is Kyle performing “Left Behind” at a gig. A moving song, especially in the context of the show. There are a couple of very short audio drop outs but you can still appreciate the song and Kyle’s performance.

“Ready For Reality” is a more upbeat and incredibly catchy number and one of my favourite songs on the album. This is a live extended performance in Canada with some nifty guitar work.

Kyle has a great future ahead of him.

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