Day Three – Kylie – Light Years

I wanted to feature a Kylie album today since she is performing in concert in Adelaide tonight and I have a few excited friends gearing up for the experience.

I chose “Light Years” from 2000 simply because I can’t believe that I haven’t listened to this masterpiece in quite a few years. It is my absolute favourite Kylie album after all.

One thing I like about this album is the variety from the stomping disco anthem “Your Disco Needs You” to the anguish-filled ballad “Bittersweet Goodbye” to the camp show tune “Loveboat” to the indy duet “Kids” with Robbie Williams, And lets not forget the futuristic trance pop of the title track complete with the spoken airline announcement – Please fasten your seatbelts…

Despite the eclectic range of songs, the album fits very well together and is interlaced with a camp disco sensibility. It helped propel Kylie well and truly back into the public eye. One of my main regrets is that I never got to go to the concert based around the album.

Here is the awesome Almighty mix of “Your Disco Needs You” which ups the stomp factor to the nth degree. Fabulous to dance to.

Here is the sublime “Butterfly” another favourite to lose yourself in on the dancefloor.

And here is the beautiful “Bittersweet Goodbye” which proves Kylie’s versatility.

Kylie’s incredible performance of “On A Night Like This” from the Sydney Olympics still gives me goosebumps.

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