Day Two – Nanne – Alla Mina Ansikten (All My Faces)

A Swedish album for day two. “Alla mina ansikten” translates to “All My Faces” and shows different sides of Nanne. Rockier, harder and a lot more personal. Unfortunately, this was Nanne’s least successful album commercially which is a shame since it does contain some excellent songs.

There is one English song on here, “Men”. Nanne sang this song in the British pre-selections for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001 but failed to qualify. It doesn’t really fit on this album but it is a bit of light-hearted fun and provides a counterpoint to the rest of the album.

The lead angle was the totally theatric “Svarta änkan” (aka “The Black Widow””), one of my favourite Nanne songs. Another favourite is “Jag har inte tid”, “I Don’t Have Time”, a song about a woman who is too busy for family and friends and even death itself.

“Hatar, älskar” or “Hating, Loving” is a song with a punch. It is about her relationship with her alcoholic mother and is deeply personal. The title song is about self doubt and anxiety. “Fördomar” (Prejudices) was written for Nanne’s many gay fans and is about prejudice and intolerance.

Relistening to the album after many years, it does come across as disjointed and maybe just a little too dark for audiences back then. As I said it does have some excellent songs and is worth a listen. The original version of the album does flow a little better than the rejigged version that came out the following year. The song order had been juggled around (unsuccessfully in my view) and another song added which really didn’t fit.

Okay, now for some videos. First up is “Men” as performed in the British Eurovision pre-selection. Nanne was very sick at the time. Being a real trouper, she knew the show had to go on.

Here is Nanne performing “Svarta änkan” in that amazing outfit that would put Cher to shame.

And “Jag har inte tid” from the same show.

Finally, “Fördomar” on another TV show.

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