Nina from Serbia

I am still processing the Eurovision outcome and wondering why such a boring song won. In the meantime, look what I found.

This is probably old news for many but there is actually an English version of the Serbian entry, “Caroban” by the spunky Nina.

“Caroban” was actually one of my favourite songs this year. I would even place it in my top three after Sweden and Hungary. The 60s vibe struck a chord with me, I loved Nina’s look and I loved the psychedelic light show going on behind Nina and her backing singers even if it did make my eyes hurt.

One thing I did appreciate and respect was that Nina had the balls to sing the song in her native language. That is one thing I miss about Eurovision. I really think that they should go back to the native language rule. One has to wonder if the disappointing position that the song came was because it was in Serbian. Surely Europeans are not that shallow?

Anyway, doing some surfing tonight and I discovered that Nina did in fact record an English version and also recorded a music video for it. In English, the song is called “Magical” and magical it is. I hate to say it but maybe Nina would have scored higher if she had performed the English version. I guess we’ll never know and part of me is still glad that we got the Serbian version.

Here’s the English clip. Enjoy the groove.

3 Responses to “Nina from Serbia”

  1. 1 Perry
    May 26, 2011 at 1:27 am

    Hi, thanks for the link to Nina’s english sung clip. Man do I love this song ! I discovered the Serbian candidate by chance the night of te ESC and I was immediately caught. And really disapointed by the votes, for me, this should have finished #1.
    The show as a whole since goes back to the 60’s in all it’s aspects, tune, lights, choregraphy (well executed).
    She really has something, this little Nina !
    Cheers !
    Perry (from Holland)

  2. 2 Brent Ward
    June 4, 2011 at 12:39 am

    I agree. I think the tune suffered from not being in English. The words are uplifting and inspiring, and the way Nina sings them in English is endearing. I think this one should have won as well. And the English video you’ve posted here is even better than what they did a Eurovision because it seems a little more modern and contemporary.

  3. 3 Greg P
    September 1, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Thanks for pointing out the English version of this. Nice to see a new version and a new video. Well, new to me anyway! I absolutely *loved* that performance – it was clever, funny, sexy, actually uplifting and heartwarming in its enthusiasm – and I was actually shocked that it wasn’t voted higher (should have won, in my opinion!). I am very reluctant to accept your idea that it lost votes for being in the singers native langauge (and I speak as a European, knowing how many people are familiar with more than once language in daily life – well, except the British…and I am Welsh) but it might be true. Too many people are brainwashed into thinking all ‘pop’ music comes from the US or UK and that their own material is intreinsically inferior. But then again, English as a pretty much universal language at the moment. At the moment. Its difficult. Anyway, this should have won!!!

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