The forgotten September album

Swedish singer Petra Marklund aka September is the buzz at the moment. On the eve of releasing her new album “Love CPR”, September just can’t put a foot wrong. Her participation in the TV program “Så mycket bättre” has raised her profile and given her a smash hit single in Sweden which will shortly be launched internationally.

September has already tasted international success with hits like “Satellites” and “Cry For You” charting in the US and Australia.

September’s two albums “In Orbit” and “Dancing Shoes” (and their respective variations and compilations) are regularly acknowledged and praised as I’m sure “Love CPR” will be.

But what seems to have been forgotten along the way is that September released her self-titled debut album in early 2004.  No one ever seems to mention this album which is why I only discovered it recently.

I guess the fact it was on a different label is a contributing factor to it being overlooked. Plus it has been deleted and I was only able to score a second hand copy. It is surprising since the album sold reasonably well and did spawn three hit singles that all reached the top 10.

I love this album. It is very much pop in the vein of her later stuff. In some ways, I think the album works better as an album than the others do. It seems to fit together and flow a lot better. Or it could just be the fact that I discovered a batch of new (to me) September songs. 🙂

Anyway, here are the video clips for the three singles so you can get a feel for the album. If you have the UK only “Cry For You” album you may recognise the latter two songs since new versions of these songs were included there.

PS. I love the album cover too. Simple but classy. :~)

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