The Borg have landed – in Uppsala, Sweden

When I first saw this structure in Uppsala, I thought it looked like a Borg cube from Star Trek had landed plonk in the middle of town. A reasonable assumption since we know that Sweden is already full of the Borg (a common surname amongst the locals).

It is in actual fact a concert and conference centre known as Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. And I was there for my last full day in Sweden to attend a concert from the fabulous Nanne. Unfortunately I was there by myself since Gustav (a big Nanne fan) had a big exam the next day that he had to study and prepare for.

Uppsala is a small city, north of Stockholm. It’s not too far away and is only about 40 minutes on a train. In Sydney, of course, you’d still be in the suburbs! It is known for its university and I even spent a couple of months there back in 1997 doing a summer course in Swedish. Not much has changed except the cube, er concert hall is new.

The concert itself was fabulous. The theme was a celebration of Nanne’s 25 year career including her solo career, Sound of Music and One More Time. With the SoM and OMT songs, Nanne sang the full versions instead of truncating them into a medley like she normally does so I was happy.

A surprise opening to the second act was one of my favourite Nanne singles, “Svarta Änkan” (Black Widow). A surprise since it wasn’t a hit (crazy, I know) and Nanne rarely performs it.

There was a heavy emphasis on the new album, especially in the first act. Although I would have liked more songs from across the whole 25 years, it was still good to get better acquainted with the new stuff. Up to that point, I had been having trouble connecting with the new album but now I love it. Nanne performs with such an energy.

It’s hard to believe that this was 6 weeks ago. It has taken me a while to write about it since I felt like putting fingers to keyboard would make me feel sad. But it hasn’t.Makes me yearn for my next trip though.

Anyway, here’s a performance of “Svarta Änkan” filmed at another venue on the same tour.


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