No Jetlag – Phew

I still can’t believe I’m not suffering jet lag! My sleeping patterns are defiiotely out of whack but that’s par for the course even home in Australia.

It helped that I picked a good airline in Thai Airways. The two reasons I picked them were that they fly direct to Stockholm (even SAS don’t do that anymore) and they have about 3 inches extra legroom when compared to most of the other airlines who cram people in so that your knees are around your ears. It was great that on the first leg, we had an ultra modern A340-600 and that I had a spare seat next to me.

Another plus was that I discovered I still had some frequent flyer points from when I flew with them in 2007.  They are about to expire so I was able to use some of them to get lounge access in Bangkok including a nice hot shower. Thai definitely get my thumbs up.

I was still quite zonked out when I finally hit Stockholm town. I did plan to have a little nap when I got to where I was staying but I was so excited to be there and it was sunny (albeit zero degrees) I just had to get out there. So I got the bus back to Söderholm and just wandered around. Söderholm is quite a cosmopolitan area and there’s always something going on. I used to live there so for old time’s sake I revisited my old apartment (from the outside anyway) and just wandered around my old haunts. I think that this really helped with the jetlag being out in sunshine and fresh air.

Thai Airways A340-600 - pure class even in economy

Peter Jöback was there to welcome me to Stockholm (almost)

A view of Stockholm from Söderholm

Another view from Söderholm

My old apartment (behind the bushes) - the cobblestone streets used to play havoc on my ankles

The beautiful Katarinakyrkan (church) just around the corner from my old apartment

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