Today Australia votes

I don’t normally post about politics but today is an important day in Australia and one that has me very concerned about the future of this country. It really saddens and appalls me that such a right wing and ignorant bigot like Tony Abbott actually has a good chance of becoming prime minister. What a step back for Australia into the dark ages would that be. I just can’t believe that people are falling for his rhetoric and hate mongering.

Firstly, I hate the way Abbott is demonising asylum seekers, playing on the fears of Australians in much the same way John Howard did. Here is an excellent video that busts the myths about asylum seekers.

Abbott’s attitudes to gay people are appalling. He has been challenged about this a number of times but has been spinning the line that he has no problem with gay people although he is on record as saying that he feels threatened by gay people. So why does his party give their preferences to such extreme religous right wing parties like Fred Nile’s party and Family First who are anti gay and anti gay rights?

Abbott’s track record on worker rights is just as appalling. He was and still is a big fan of the controversial Work Choices legislation. He may say that the name is dead and buried but what does that actually mean? He still agrees with the principles of it. And lets not forget his political hero, the despicable John Howard who said that he would never, ever bring in a GST (Goods and Services Tax) and then turned round and brought it in.

Both Abbott and Howard have an appalling track record of lying. Abbott has even admitted that he will lie to suit the situatiuon so how can you believe him when he starts sprouting all his rhetoric. He is desperate to win this election after all and will say anything. And who can remember Howard’s crap about “core promises” as a justification for lying. Abbott is cut from the same cloth.

People are disappointed with the Labor party, I can see that but why? In its term in government, the Labor Party have made some very positive achievements as highlighted in this humorous clip.

Two other significant achievements have been the apology to indigenous Australians over the stolen generation and the abolishment of discrimination against same sex relationships in Commonwealth legislation.

I didn’t agree with the change of political leaders and the way it happened but grow up folks. It is a fact of politics. For all Abbott’s noise on this matter, it was exactly the same way that he came to lead his party and the guy before him. And lets not forget the disgusting way that Malcolm Fraser came to lead the country back in 1975. That was much worse thanhow Julia Gillard came into power.

I think that Gillard is a decent person and will make a fine prime minister to lead Australia into the future. I am disappointed by her stance on a few issues and her performance in this election campaign (too much reaction to Abbott’s lies and hate mongering, goving too much credence) but overall she is looking to the future whereas Abbott is looking to the past. Julia Gillard and Labor are a much more positive option than Abbott and his cronies.

To finish, I urge you to watch the next two videos. They were an interview that Tony Abbott gave recently. The interviewer actually challenges Abbott with real facts that prove how wrong he is and Abbott just flounders. This is the real Tony Abbott and what he stands for.

1 Response to “Today Australia votes”

  1. 1 Paul Williamson
    August 23, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Bravo Grant! I didn’t have time to read thoroughly but agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. Let’s hope Julia and the Independents can work out a deal for stable government.

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