Eurovision 2010 – 1st Semi Final

Another year, another Eurovision. I love it. I already have the CD, have watched many of the clips on YouTube and have just watched the first semi final.

The quality of songs is quite good so far this year. Yes, it is ballad-heavy which saps away some of the excitement and atmosphere. Lets face it, there’s enough doom and gloom in the world at the moment and people look to Eurovision for fun, theatrics and escapism. To prove my point, it was mainly the more “up” songs that have gone through to the final and not the ballads. Some countries will be regretting their choices.

I do love the theatrics of Eurovision, the so-called gimmick. This semi-final was no disappointment with apples, dancing trees, a Bird Man (but no Galaxy Trio), a head lock, life size butterflies

I was surprised that Russia was one of the ballads that went through. Although not a bad song in itself and the singer has a great voice, the overall effect of this song is that of a dirge. I wonder if this is one that the judges got through rather than the public. Speaking of which, I am not a fan of the return of judges. I think that judges are more likely to be influenced by politics. The so-called bloc voting in the past has been heavily exaggerated, usually by sore losers who send bad songs (are you listening Terry?).

I am really happy that Moldova, Iceland and Albania have gone through to the final. All very poppy and very Eurovision. The one ballad I do love, Belgium, got through too so I’m happy.

I was disappointed that the blond Estonian indie boys didn’t get through. A different type of song and well sung. I think they were trying to channel Jon Pertwee with those velvet jackets.

Finland was definitely a favourite with the audience with their happy folk song. But this didn’t translate to important votes so they didn’t get through which is a pity.

I quite liked Poland too, although the image of the singer with a head lock on one of the dancers probably conjured an image that was not what they intended. I did like the way that some of it was sung in Polish. More songs should be in their native languages.

And lets not forget the dancing trees from Slovakia.

Roll on the next semi final.

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