James Johnston – debut single

My favourite contestant in Australian Idol last year was without a doubt, James Johnston. Although I wasn’t too sure at first, he quickly established himself  as a consistently good performer who rarely sang a bum note. I loved his music style, acoustic pop, and his lack of pretension. I think the thing that really sold him to me was that he was one of the few contestants who you actually believed was there for the music. His passion and his seriousness for his craft shone throughout the series. You could see him taking in all the judge’s feedback and processing it. I thought some of the judges were a little unfair with their feedback. I know they had their obvious favourite but still. James was, and still is, the whole package. A good looking young man with a passion for music who can sing and play music very well. I knew that even though he didn’t win Idol, his future would stay rooted in the music field and that success on a bigger scale would come one day.

And now James has a single. And a good one at that.

The song is called “Rollercoaster” and is a solid acoustic pop song. Also included on the single is his beautiful ballad “Falling” which was a popular song on MySpace last year. And just to show that James is no music snob, there is a very good dance remix of “Rollercoaster” that I just can’t get of my head.

The single comes in very nice gatefold packaging and there is a professionally shot film clip.

You can get the single direct from James himself and the details are on his Facebook page:


James also has a MySpace page where you can hear “Falling”:


Lets hope an album isn’t too far off.

EDIT: The single is now available on iTunes. Click here.

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