New Scissor Sisters album out in June

The new Scissor Sisters album is out in June and it certainly has an eye catching cover.

As much as one would love to imagine that the perfectly formed buttocks belong to frontman Jake Shears, they actually belong to dancer Peter Reed. The photo was taken by Robert Mapplethorpe in 1979 or around that vintage. If you want to know what he actually looks like, here he is in another Mapplethorpe shot.

Peter Reed

The album is called “Night Work” and is out on 25 June in Australia. The first single is “Fire With Fire” and will be out on 20 June.


  1. Night Work
  2. Whole New Way
  3. Fire With Fire
  4. Any Which Way
  5. Harder You Get
  6. Running Out
  7. Something Like This
  8. Skin This Cat
  9. Skin Tight
  10. Sex and Violence
  11. Night Life
  12. Invisible Light

The group have previewed the track “Invisible Light” which features Sir Ian McKellan. Fabulous.

Needless to say, this album is on my must-buy list.

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