My Inspiration

I love these two posters of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe (aka Pet Shop Boys) and they would look fabulous on my wall. They were produced as part of a campaign for HMV UK a couple of years ago and are part of a bigger series. They are currently being offered through HMV’s reward scheme but the catch is that you have to be a UK resident. Grrr. And I couldn’t find them on eBay either. Double grrr. A hex on HMV.

Not only are the photos themselves stunning but they each reference a song and an artist that has inspired them. Coincidentally, the artists referenced are big inspirations to me too which makes the posters even more special. Needless to say, Neil and Chris are also personal inspirations.

Dusty Springfield is the best bar none. The song chosen is a favourite of Dusty fans, the soulful and moody “Goin’ Back”. This clip features candid footage, some of it filmed in Australia back in the 60s. I got a bit teary while watching.

Billie Ray Martin is a German soul dance diva who had a worldwide dance hit some years back with “Your Loving Arms”. Here is the promo clip for this infectious dance number.

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