Melodifestivalen 2010 – Semi-Final 3

I must say that Melodifestivalen has been a bit lack lustre so far. An impressive line up of artists but the songs haven’t quite been up to scratch. The quality has picked up for the third semi-final but none of my favourites made it through to the final, although one did get through to the second chance final so there is hope yet.

“Headlines” by Alcazar is my favourite out of the first three semi-finals. Not as punchy as their entry last year but very catchy nonetheless and I love the effect of the cars driving seemingly under the stage.

“Doctor, Doctor” by Elin Lanto is a great dance pop song which has nothing to do with the Thompson Twins classic with the same name. She looked great on the night and the effect with her hair towards the end was visually stunning. I can’t believe it came so low.

A change of pace with Eric Linder and “Hur kan jag tro på kärlek?”, one of the few Swedish language songs in the contest. A more traditional Swedish pop ballad but beautifully sung. It only just missed out on the second chance final. It was great to see Kenneth Gärdestad get recognition. He wrote the lyrics for the song and of course is best known for all those classic songs that he wrote with his brother Ted back in the 70s.

None of the other songs rang my bells so to speak. Darin made it through to the final and I do acknowledge that the song does sound like it could be an international hit single and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up representing Sweden at Eurovision in Oslo. He also has the talent to break it internationally. The song just didn’t grab me on the night.

Only one more semi-final to go. Another impressive line up which includes Peter Jöback, Neo and Pernilla Wahlgren (responsible for one of my all time favourite Melodifestivalen songs “Piccadilly Circus” in 1985). There was a bit of a drama earlier in the week which could have seen Peter’s and another contestant’s songs being disqualified but thankfully that has been sorted out. I have heard the one minute clips from each of the songs but will wait until I have seen all the complete performances before I pass any judgement.

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