Ten of my favourite (lesser known) Dusty Springfield songs

Just been surfing YouTube for Dusty Springfield. There is some classic stuff to be found so I thought I would share some of my favourites from Dusty’s lesser known songs.

First up, Dusty in a box. I have no idea what the significance of the box is but I do love the song, “Spooky”.

Forgive the quality of this one but it is priceless even if the sound is out of sync. Dusty suspended in mid air and being whipped by Kenny Everett. Don’t believe it? It’s true. The song is “Your Love Still Brings Me To Your Knees” made famous in Australia by Marcia Hines. Watch out for Dusty falling off the stairs at the end. 🙂

Classic foot tapping soul with “What’s It Gonna Be”.

This single from 1979 deserved to be a big hit but distribution problems and a lack of promotion sealed its fate. “Baby Blue”.

“The Corrupt Ones” was the title song to an old movie. Here is the song over the opening credits. Very 60s.

“Blind Sheep” would have to be one of the oddest songs in Dusty’s catalogue. It’s from her classic but under-rated “White Heat” album.

“Your Hurtin’ Kind Of Love” was a single in the UK but for some reason it wasn’t much of a hit. I love it.

“Doodlin'” is a song about being in a mental health institution! Funky!

“I’m Coming Home Again” is a beautiful song and was released at the time Dusty came back to the UK in the late 70s.

Dusty joined Cilla on this fun duet “Heart And Soul” released to commemorate Cilla’s 30th anniversary in show business. Both look like they’re having fun.

“Where Is A Woman To Go” was Dusty’s last live performance. A wonderful song from her last ever album. Okay, I know this is number 11 but Dusty always was 11 out of 10.  I can’t believe that she’s no longer with us.

1 Response to “Ten of my favourite (lesser known) Dusty Springfield songs”

  1. July 15, 2010 at 2:39 am

    Great selection! I became a serious Dusty fan in the 1990s or thought I was. Most of the songs on your list are new favorites to purchase. The only one I immediately recognized was “Your Hurtin’ Kind of Love.” It’s been one of my favorites for years.

    If you have some time, I’d love to hear your opinion about my blog where I compare different artists interpreting one song. You’re welcome to visit, listen, and vote for your favorite. Last week, I included Dusty’s recording of Anyone Who Had a Heart vs. Dionne Warwick’s version vs. Cilla Black’s version. It’s @ whodiditbetter.wordpress.com

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