Lots of Tim Draxl

I have had a big week of Tim Draxl, singer and actor.

I have had his album “Insongniac” on my MP3 player fairly constantly.

I finally saw his latest movie to be released on DVD in Australia – “In My Sleep”. So it wasn’t that good but for what it was, it was OK. It engaged me for 90 minutes as long as I didn’t think too much about it. Tim was good but didn’t really have too much to do from an acting point of view.

Thursday night I joined James and Colin to see Tim perform at the Civic Hotel. As usual he was great. He can really sing while ripping your heart out at the same time. Great venue, great service, great food and of course, great company. Thanks to James for the photo of Tim and me after the show.

I’m on the left (in case you couldn’t work it out)

Another thrill was that we were able to buy Tim’s first CD in almost 9 years. “Live At The Supper Club” was recorded, well, live at the Supper Club back in August. It contains all of my favourite performances and is really quite sublime. It’s interesting to compare the album with “Insongniac”, Tim’s last album recorded when he was 19. Tim’s voice has really matured and you can really feel the emotion behind the song. You can order the album here.

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