My top 10 albums for 2009

I started off 2009 hoping for a great year of music and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I spent more on music in 2009 than I had for while. Picking a top 10 ended up being quite dificult, although anyone who knows me could quite easily pick the top 2.

10. Coming Back To You – Melinda Doolittle

The first artist from American Idol to really capture my attention. She so should have won in 2007. I was surprised to discover that this was a covers album since I hadn’t heard of any of the songs before. Although they are quite old songs (so I believe), Melinda has a really contemporary diva sound.

9. Bright & Dark – Betty

Indie pop that I wrote about recently. As I said, compelling and infectious.

8. One – Neo

Pure Swedish pop guaranteed to lift your spirits.

7. Inifrån – Erik Linder

This guy has the most beautiful voice. A cover album of classic Swedish pop with songs from the likes of Eva Dahlgren, Marie Fredriksson and Ted Gärdestad.

6. My Guilty Pleasure – Sally Shapiro

Dreamy Italo disco influenced Swedish pop sung by the Swedish nightingale aka Sally Shapiro. Fantastic album.

5. Big Science – BWO

I love BWO from Sweden and this album doesn’t disappoint. A little more laid back than previous albums, it still contains some classic electropop with Martin’s stunning vocals.

4. Tales From A Heart – Tina Stenberg

Surely Sweden’s most under-rated singer-songwriter. this album is beautiful. My first album for the year and it’s still getting played today. Acoustic sounding pop.

3. The Performance – Shirley Bassey

Producer David Arnold has really brought the best out of Shirley. Not so much over-the-top, Shirley’s vocalisms are restrained but still packing the punch that only she can do. Original songs from the likes of the Pet Shop Boys and Manic Street Preachers.

2. Yes – Pet Shop Boys

They still keep putting out exceptionally good pop songs. This time they worked with hitmaker producers Xenomania to make one of their most accessible albums while still retaining the indefinable Pet Shop Boys sound. It may not be their best album but it’s still bloody good.

1. East Side Stories – Peter Jöback

A brilliant soundtrack of cover versions. I didn’t know most of the songs which meant I didn’t get bogged down with prejudices and the such. Peter can really tell a story with his voice and he has chosen these stories well. This will go down as one of the great queer albums.

I probably should have done a top 20 since there so many great albums this year. Here are another 10 in no particular order since I can’t bear them not getting some sort of mention.

Moving On – Sarah Dawn Finer
Disco Defenders – Alcazar
Hengitän – Antti Tuisku
Believe – Dima Bilan
Waste Management – TATU
Så gör jag det igen – Caroline af Ugglas
Hands – Little Boots
Reality Killed The Video Star – Robbie Williams
The Boy Who Knew Too Much – Mika
Felt – International Observer

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