Monika Lind

I’ve been playing around on YouTube and it’a amazing what you can find.

Monika Lind is a Swedish singer and actress during the 60s. She wasn’t exactly prolific which is a shame since she has a great voice. Although many wouldn’t know her, they would know her son – Peter Jöback. A real musical family especially when you throw Peter’s brother, Mikael into the mix. Mikael is an accomplished composer and arranger.

Anyhoo, back to Monika. At the tender age of 13, back in 1954, she released a 78rpm record (who remembers those) of “Snögubben Froste”, aka “Frosty The Snowman” (b/w “Hej faderullan”). It’s a fun version and Monika sounds older than 13.

You can hear this version at The 78 RPM Blog.

She followed it the next year with “En liten flicka i låga skor”, a Swedish version of “Heart Of My Heart”, b/w “I vått och torrt”.

The only other release that my research has turned up is an EP in 1963 containing the following songs:

  1. Jag går i skolan
  2. Våga tro på kärlek
  3. Ump ti da da (Makin’ Whoopee)
  4. Vilken slyngel (He’s A Rebel)

The last track is my favourite, a Swedish language version of the Crystal’s mega hit “He’s A Rebel”. Actually, it was the Blossoms and not the Crystals but you can read about that sad story here.

Here is Monika’s version.

If you want to hear more (complete with crackles for added authenticity and flavour)…

Jag går i skolan:

Våga tro på kärlek:

There was another single in 1968, “Bamsen på Gurlita Klätt” b/w “Låt oss sjunga om kärlekens allsång”, but nothing else. Not really enough for a retrospective CD collection sadly. “Snögubben Froste” and “Vilken slyngel” have appeared on a couple of obscure (and long deleted) CD compilations. They should at least be available as digital downloads.

1 Response to “Monika Lind”

  1. 1 rick brooks
    April 14, 2011 at 12:00 am

    Monika is a wonderul person and talent. Her parents’, Sven och Allie were the best. I can still feel Sven’s hand rubbing the back of my neck while telling me in English that “I LIKE YOU!!!” And of course he had the best brother ever in Per Olof Lind!!!!

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