Emilia – Teardrops


Emilia Rydberg, better known as just Emilia, hit the big time back in the 90s with the worldwide hit “Big, Big World”. She was discovered by Lars Anderson, son of Swedish music legend Stig Anderson.

After a long absence, she popped back up earlier this year in Melodifestivalen with the song “You’re My World”, advancing to the final. Although she didn’t win, the song was a hit, letting Sweden know that Emilia was back.

A new album called “My World” was released a couple of days ago and the latest single is a fabulous song called “Teardrops” (not a cover of the Motown song). Check it out below.

And in case you’ve forgotten the song that started it all (shame on you), here it is for old times sake.

1 Response to “Emilia – Teardrops”

  1. October 11, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    It’s quite a good song but is it really ‘fabulous’ or just good? I’m thinking ‘You’re My World’ is much better. My rating on ‘Teardrops’ is ‘good, but not good enough to buy.’

    And, on another post, good to see you promoting Tina Stenberg – boy, that woman needs a break! It seems to have been downhill for her since the first album amd Stig’s death. Crazy. She needs a bit of good luck to get that talent out to the world.

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