Agent Farnsworth rocks


One of my favourite new TV shows is “Fringe”, a quirky supernatural/sci fi thriller in a similar vein to “The X-Files”.

The one thing that annoys me about the show is how little they use Agent Farnsworth. She does have a first name although it is rarely used – Astrid. Astrid is a junior FBI agent who got lumbered with the role of looking after/assisting Walter Bishop, the ever-so-slightly mad and eccentric boffin. She is always there, looking after things, having her arms in goo up to her elbows and I assume that she milks the cow (yes, there is one in the lab). But does Agent Farnsworth ever get any action? No, she doesn’t!

I love Astrid. She’s smart (computer whiz, speaks five languages, etc), sassy and has a wicked sense of humour. She puts up with so much.

I was hoping that the second season would see more of Astrid but instead they have introduced another female agent and Astrid is still just passing the test tubes and lighting the bunsen burner.

Astrid is played brilliantly by out and proud Jasika Nicole and I think it’s criminal that she is being wasted so much.

More Astrid! Now! Please!

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