Three Swedish albums

I thought I’d share three recent Swedish albums that I just can’t stop listening to.


Sarah Dawn Finer – Moving On

This album has just been released and debuted at the number one spot on the Swedish album charts. Pretty good going, eh? It’s an album of power ballads delivered with a powerful voice from SDF (as she is affectionately known), best known from this year’s Melodifestivalen.

Current single: Standing Strong



Neo – One

This album is pure retro-sounding pop and is just lots of fun to listen to. I have written about Neo before and he is well worth checking out. He sounds like Mika and has the same incredible vocal range.

Current single: Flower Power Supergirl



Erik Linder – Inifrån

“But it’s all ballads,” cried The Judge when I tried to play this amazing album to him. Yes, it is but wow, what beautiful ballads and beautifully sung. Erik Linder was a finalist on this year’s “Sweden’s Got Talent” and so impressed everyone that he was offered a record contract. The album title translates to “From Within” and this collection of well-known Swedish songs really get within you. Everytime I hear this album, I feel the emotion welling up inside me. It is in Swedish but Erik’s voice just transcends any language barrier as he gives us songs by the likes of Eva Dahlgren, Eric Gadd, Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle and Ted Gärdestad.

From the album: Du får göra som du vill (You get to do what you want)

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