Introducing Brandur


I’d like to introduce you to Brandur Enni, simply known as Brandur, a 20 year old singer/songwriter from the Faroe Islands who is now based in Sweden.

Where? I hear you ask. Well, the Faroe Islands is a group of islands between the UK and Iceland. Although self-governing with its own language and culture, it is still technically a part of Denmark.

Anyway, end of geography lesson and back to Brandur. Although still quite young, Brandur has had a long singing career in the Faroe Islands. A few years ago, he moved to Sweden to study music and songwriting and also landed himself a record deal. In 2008, he entered Melodifestivalen with a beautiful song called “Lullaby”, one of my favourites that year.

Since then, he has released two more singles, including the current single “Sometimes Truth Needs A Lie” and is working on a new album. Brandur has a great voice, quite textured, and his music is warm and endearing, not plastic at all.

You can hear and buy all three singles digitally at Klicktrack. Well worth it.

For more info, check out his official site and his MySpace page.

Here is the clip for “Sometimes Truth Needs A Lie”.

Here is something a bit rockier from a couple of years ago, “Concept Of Time”.

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