How times change…

There was a time when if you admitted to being an ABBA fan, you were considered a social pariah. These days, if you say you don’t like ABBA then you are considered a social pariah – as I discovered last night.

In Swedish class, I will often translate a Swedish song into English and bring it along to play to the class. Last night, I chose “Var är min clown?” from Frida, which is a Swedish version of the Sondheim standard “Send In The Clowns”.

James wrote about the reaction from the person sitting next to him on his blog. However I got a different reaction from a woman sitting near me.

She asked, “Was that Frida from ABBA?” I confirmed that it was. I said that I loved Frida’s Swedish music although I don’t like ABBA. The look of shock and surprise that I got was priceless. She just could not believe that there was someone in the world who didn’t like ABBA. Once I did, a long time ago, but not anymore.

James somehow read my mind and put up some Frida songs in Swedish so that leaves me with “Var är min clown?”, the song that inspired this post. Whether you understand the lyrics or not, it is a beautiful song, beautifully sung.

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