Here in London with Honor Blackman

Honor Blackman

We arrived in London late yesterday afternoon. It’s our first time here in four years. By the time we got here, I was feeling zonked so decided to treat us to the Paddington Express. Heathrow to Paddington in 15 minutes as opposed to the two hours it would have taken if we went the old fashioned way. It was especially good since we’re staying near Paddington station. We found the place with no real fuss. It’s not exactly glamerous but is a serviced apartment which has everything we need and is in a good location.

We watched a tribute to comedy actress Molly Sugden on BBC2. Short but a good tribute. It was followed by Molly’s favourite episode of “Are You Being Served” where Mrs Slocombe is promoted. A lot of fun. Afterwards, we caught a bus to Oxford Circus and then walked along Oxford Street and down Charing Cross Road. It was a great way to reacquaint ourselves with one of our favourite cities even if the shops were all closing. Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus were jammed full of people which felt a bit much. I must be getting old!

Sad that a few of our favourite shops (Virgin, Tower and even Steve’s Sounds) have closed down. HMV is still around and the Piccadilly store was still open at 10pm on a Saturday night and was buzzing with customers. There’s nothing I really wanted to buy but it was fun to check everything out. I did end up buying a CD single by the acting legend Honor Blackman (the original Avengers girl, Cathy Gale, even predating Emma Peel). What she is doing recording a single in 2009 is anyone’s guess but I couldn’t resist. It’s rather good and here is the clip.

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