I am Gwen Cooper


The British TV show Torchwood is returning for a third series in July. I was checking the UKTV website to see when it was going to be shown in Australia and my eye was caught by one of those quizzes, Which Torchwood member are you?

I normally hate these sorts of quizzes but I thought it could be a bit of fun. Would I be dashing Captain Jack Harkness or adorable Ianto Jones?

No, I was Gwen Cooper – she’s the one in the middle of the above picture in case you hadn’t guessed. Seeing as I love Gwen (all platonic of course and definitely not in a stalkerish way), I don’t mind being compared to her. This is what the website said.

You think with your heart. It’s maybe not the most effective way of leading, but your sensitivity and compassion are strengths when it comes to dealing with people. However, “heart” gets a bad rap these days; ruthlessness and ambition are more prized qualities. But you get the job done, and you’re usually able to live with yourself the next day. Now, about that little affair with Owen…

The good news is that Torchwood is being fasttracked to Australian screens and will be shown over five consecutive nights from Tuesday 7 July to Saturday 11 July, only one night behind the UK

The bad news is that UK TV is not part of my Foxtel package! I may have to do something about that. 😉

Here is one of the trailers featuring Gwen:

And here is an extended trailer with a lot more action shots:

1 Response to “I am Gwen Cooper”

  1. June 25, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    There’s a note on abc.net.au/iview about availability of episodes there.

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