A slice of Lemon…


I have been wanting to write about Roger Smith and Thor Madsen (aka Lemon) for a while now.

Although I am not a fan of social networking sites (I am one of the very few people on the planet who does not have a Facebook profile), I still continue to maintain my Myspace profile. This is because it is a great way to discover new music. Often the artists themselves will send you an invitation to become their “friend” based on your music tastes. You can usually listen to a sample of their music before deciding whether you want to find out more as a friend.

I got an invitation from Lemon and I almost judged the book by the cover. Roger, the lead singer, looked a little rough and tough (sorry Roger) and I imagined the music would be pretty much the same. Boy was I wrong. The music is a mix of pop and soul, with a little bit of dance electronica thrown in for good measure. Roger’s voice is so smooth, soulful and seductive. It’s all quite sublime.


They have released three albums. I have the latest, “Year On Mars” and it is just superb. You can hear some tracks from it at their Myspace page. In particular check out “In The Night”.


They have only done one video for a song called “Ain’t Coming Back” from the previous album.

At Lemon’s Myspace page there is an online store to buy their music. Otherwise, you can buy physical CDs and downloads from the marvelous CD Baby store. CD Baby do a great job supporting independent artists and pass the money directly to the artist, cutting out all the middle men.

A frustrating thing about Lemon is their name. You put ‘lemon’ into Google and you get back, well, a lot of lemons. It reminds me of a friend some years back when he first went online. He complained to me that he put the name of his favourite group into a search engine and got butlions of results and he couldn’t find anything about the group. The group was called Yes.  Hmmm.

Lemon are a great group to support. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.


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