Eastside Stories


I found a nice picture of Peter Jöback on the web so I thought I would share. I can also share some more info about Peter’s new album.

The album will be called “Eastside Stories” and has been inspired by Peter’s time in the East Village of New York. It will be in English and will contain covers of songs from the likes of Chris Isaak, Rufus Wainwright, Divine Comedy, Travis and even Depeche Mode.

Peter will be working with some amazing guests. Kate Pierson from the B-52s will be on the album which gave me a double perk. The B-52s is one of my favourite groups and Kate is just, well, divine.

Peter will also be doing a duet with Australian singer, Sia, who is now living in New York. Sia has an excellent voice which will certainly complement Peter’s voice. Thinking ahead (as I tend to do), this collaboration will give Peter an Australian connection. Could this mean Peter singing on an Australian stage one day? I shudder to dream…  🙂

Gail Ann Dorsey (worked with David Bowie for 10 years) and girl group Betty (sang the theme song for “The L Word”) round out the vocal talent that will be present on this album.

We have to wait until October for the album. Guessing from the ingredients so far, it’s going to be an album that will knock my socks off and maybe yours too. There will be a lot of barefoot people wandering around, I’m sure!

Peter will be moving back to Stockholm in December and a Christmas tour has just been announced. Keep up with the news at my site about Peter – Jöback Now!

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  1. June 18, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    According to Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sia_Furler, Sia Furler is from Adelaide and is included on a list of openly gay entertainers in The Advocate’s “Forty under 40” issue of June/July 2009

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