Ted Gärdestad – the good and bad news about the box set


CD On have put up the tracklisting for the new Ted Gärdestad box set (see previous blog entry). While there is a lot of good stuff on there (including a few tracks new to CD), there are quite a few missing.

As expected, 7 of the discs are Ted’s studio albums:

  • Undringar (1972)
  • Ted (1973)
  • Upptag (1974)
  • Franska Kort (1976)
  • Blue Virgin Isles (1978) (with both the English and Swedish versions of “Satellite” added)
  • Stormvarning (1981)
  • Äntligen På Väg (1994)

The eighth disc contains non-album songs plus the English songs from the “I’d Rather Write A Symphony” album which was the international version of “Stormvarning”:

  1. Himlen är oskyldigt blå
  2. För kärlekens skull
  3. Rockin’ ‘N Reelin’ (probably the Swedish version)
  4. I’d Rather Write A Symphony
  5. Mindblower
  6. Let The Sun Shine Through
  7. Love Light
  8. Down At The Zoo
  9. Nobody Loves You Now
  10. I’d Rather Write A Symphony (alternate version)

As far as I know, there are three songs not included – the rare duet version of “Låt solen värma dig” that was only released on a single and the English versions of “Rockin’ ‘N Reelin'” and “Jag skå fånga en ängel”. I have these songs on scratchy vinyl which is better than nothing I guess. Since this was meant to be a complete collection, I must admit to being a little disappointed. But you know us fans – we’re never happy!  😉

It would have been nice to see his hit single with Michael B. Tretow under the moniker of Caramba but I can cope without that. Maybe the Caramba album will be released on CD one day.

Thanks to Gustav for letting me know that the tracklisting was up on the internet. I am still without the internet at home so I had to rush into an internet cafe in Sydney.

1 Response to “Ted Gärdestad – the good and bad news about the box set”

  1. December 30, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    Do you have the English lyrics for “Rockin ‘N’ Reelin'” that you could share with me, please?
    My ABBA tribute show will be resurrecting songs like this in our stage shows here in Queensland 😀
    I hope you can help.

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