Eurovision 2009 – The ones that didn’t make the final

Since they introduced the semi finals into Eurovision, there are always some that I really like that just don’t make it into the final. Here are a few of the ones that really stood out for me that should have made it through.

Montenegro. Just Get Out Of My Life. Maybe it was just all a bit too sexual for Europe. I needed a cold shower after it!

Bulgaria. Illusion. Catchy song, cute singer and one of the women had great hair. Very tall backing dancers though!

Ireland. Et Cetera. Finally, a good song from Ireland. This really should have got through but maybe Europe is still punishing Ireland for that #$%@* turkey from last year.

Slovenia. Love Symphony. I loved the violins but it took well over two minutes before the singer Martina showed herself and over a minute before you heard any singing. I really did like the song though and could imagine it as a six minute epic.

1 Response to “Eurovision 2009 – The ones that didn’t make the final”

  1. May 31, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    I think Ireland’s song is brilliant – it should have been in the final and been placed near the top. It’s a song that could have been ripped from today’s charts. Hit, hit, hit! If it was Dustin that ruined their chances I guess it will teach them not to completely disrespect Eurovision. But still, Etcetera is a blast!

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