I love Sally Shapiro


Another case of falling in love with a name. This time on the Electroqueer website, one of my favourite sites for discovering new music.

I was surprised to find that Sally is in fact Swedish (Sally Shapiro is her stage name) and that she specialises in retro electropop –  Italo disco music with a Swedish bent. Combine all of that with an album seductively named “Disco Romance”and how could I resist?

Sally has an official site and a MySpace page where you can hear more of her music as well as her new single “Miracle”, due out next month.

Here is the video clip for the fabulous single “Jackie, Jackie”:

And here’s one of my absolute favourites “Find My Soul”:

Sally has released the one album, “Disco Romance”. It’s best to get the North American edition since that has some extra songs on it. There are also two remix albums – “Remix Romance” volumes 1 and 2. It has been easy to find the albums and if all else fails, they are on iTunes.

Sally’s pure voice against a background of atmospheric electropop is an unbeatable combination. I can listen to her all day and just drift away.

Did I mention that there’s a new album not too far off?  🙂

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