New music from a-Ha…


When Morten Harket released his stunning solo album “Letter From Egypt” last year, there was talk of a new a-Ha album but I didn’t hear anything further.

This morning I received the latest newsletter from the website, Remember The Eighties, and in it they mentioned a new single and album, both called “Foot Of The Mountain”, due for imminent release.

The single comes out in Norway on 4 May (digital) and in Germany on 22 May (digital) and 29 May (physical). The album is being released around Europe on 19 June.

You can hear the single below. Kind of a return to their 80s sound but updated for 2009. I love it.

I have loved a-Ha since the 80s. Although I generally don’t approve of old bands reuniting, a-Ha is the one band where it has worked extremely well. In fact, I think they are sounding better now than they ever did.

1 Response to “New music from a-Ha…”

  1. May 2, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    It’s okay but nothing special. I wonder if this sound is influenced by the 2007/8/9 Take That sound? I’ve got a feeling it is. Good that they’re doing more albums – although I don’t know who is buying them.

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