Kylie – White Diamond

When Kylie made her triumphant return after defeating her life-threatening illness, Graeme and I were at the first concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. I was really taken by the new song “White Diamond”, written for Kylie by a favourite band of mine, Scissor Sisters.

The live version of the song made its way onto CD on the “Showgirl Homecoming Live” double set but I really wanted a proper studio version. Sadly, that did not eventuate.

But Kylie did record a ballad version which was an iTunes exclusive pre-order track for her latest album “X”. I have never heard it until now and wow, what a version. It is very beautiful. I love it when Kylie does ballads like this since it does prove to her detractors that, like her or not, Kylie can actually sing.

1 Response to “Kylie – White Diamond”

  1. May 2, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    Great version of the song and a great clip. I remember this version from the White Diamond documentary/movie but didn’t know they’d done a full version of it. It is a pity that White Diamand the movie is so shallow and crap – it coul dhave been so good. Seems like Kylie is pathologically unable to show her true self thesedays. Sad.

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