Melodifestivalen – the conclusion

I haven’t updated the blog for a while.  I had wanted to give weekly updates on my thoughts on Melodifestivalen but since I had to be up by 6am on a Sunday morning in order to watch it via a live stream over the internet, those plans went astray.  I may be an early person generally but even that tested my limits.  I would crash back into bed after the telecast and by the time I woke up again, any desire to write about it had evaporated.

It was different with the actual final.  James organised to show a group of us the final on a big screen through a proper sound system.  It was a hoot to watch it with friends and a drink or two.  There was lots of cheering and occasional shouting at the screen.

At the time I was torn between “Stay The Night” by Alcazar and “Snälla, Snälla” by Caroline af Ugglas but if you were to ask me today, I would say “Snälla, Snälla”.  There is just something magic about that song and I’ve fallen in love with the dynamic personality of Caroline.  Hers was a very simple but powerful performance.  Just Caroline on a stage laying her emotions bare.  No gimmicks (unless you count her sexy blue boots) and no dancers or back-up singers.  Alcazar were fantastic with a more traditional Eurovision song with lots of energy and simply, just a lot of fun.  The songs may have been totally opposite but they both appealed to different parts of me.

Another favourite was Sarah Dawn Finer with “Moving On”, a powerful ballad delivered by a powerful voice.  Sarah looked stunning and the effect was heightened (forgive the pun) as she “flew” up into the air.  I discovered Sarah a few years ago through her work with Peter Jöback and her previous Melodifestivalen entry, “I Remember Love” in 2007.  I love her debut album and am eagerly awaiting her new album due out later in the year.

While I don’t think that “La Voix” by Malena Ernman should have won, I am still OK with it representing Sweden at Eurovision.  Opera with a disco beat makes for a memorable sound and I think it has a good chance in Moscow.  Although I hadn’t heard of her before, Malena is a well known opera singer outside of Sweden which will hopefully go in her favour.  Roll on May.

The standard in this year’s Melodifestivalen was quite high and there were quite a few songs that I liked.  I’m looking forward to the Melodifestivalen CD that should hopefully arrive in my mail box later this week.  It’s a shame that we lost quite a few good songs throughout the semi-finals but I guess not everyone can win.  Other favourites of mine that didn’t make it to the final were “You’re Not Alone” by BWO, “Show Me Heaven” by Lili and Susie, “Welcome To My Life” by Jonathan Fagerlund and “Du är älskad där du går” by Susanne Alfvengren.  I even liked “Tick Tock” by Nina Söderquist.  I hadn’t liked the 30 second preview but hearing the whole song and watching the attitude-driven performance by Nina (dressed like guest villain of the week on Xena Warrior Princess) gave me a whole new appreciation for the song.  I wish it had made it to the final.

Here is a selection of my favourite Melodifestivalen songs, either the official promo clip or an amateur clip.

BWO with “You’re Not Alone” (promo video).

Caroline af Ugglas with “Snälla, Snälla”.

Alcazar with “Stay The Night”.

Lili and Susie with “Show Me Heaven” (promo clip).

Nina Söderquist with “Tick Tock” (performance).

Jonathan Fagerlund with “Welcome To My Life” (promo video).

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