Agnes – great Swedish pop


Agnes Carlsson won the second Swedish Idol back in 2005. I listened to a few of her songs back then but wasn’t overly impressed. It pretty much sounded like a lot of other Idol wannabes. To be fair, she was only 17 at the time that she won and would have been overly influenced by the record company. Thankfully she split with the company and signed up with Roxy Recordings, a much smaller company but one that is building an impressive stable of Swedish artists. Agnes released the album “Dance Love Pop” late last year and what a refreshing change it was. The title of the album says exactly what it is. She released two singles “On And On” and the stunning “Release Me”. “Release Me” is also being released in the UK in the near future and if gets the airplay, it should be a huge hit. Here are the two clips:

Agnes competed in this year’s Melodifestivalen with a song called “Love Love Love”, another dance pop song in the same vein as the album. In fact, the album is being rereleased this week with a bonus disc containing “Love Love Love” plus remixes and videos.

Well worth checking out.

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