Melodifestivalen – first semi-final previews

Over the next six weeks, SVT (Swedish Television) are running Melodifestivalen to decide which artist and song will represent Sweden at Eurovision. There will be four semi-finals, a second chance final and a grand final. Some may say it’s overkill but others (me included) say it’s six weeks of Swedish pop music in the spotlight.

Tonight is the first semi-final and one minute samples of each of the eight songs are up on the SVT website until 8:30pm Swedish time.


My favourite which I hope gets through is Alcazar. They have been away for a while and they are back with this song and a new album on the way. It’s their usual brand of dance pop which is hard to keep still to.

Shirley Clamp is an old favourite. Her song is a power ballad and is slightly more mature than her previous entries. It gives her a chance to show off her voice.

Jonathan Fagerlund is good (and quite cute too) and I don’t mind Emilia’s poppy entry. You may remember Emilia from a few years back with her international hit Big, Big World.

Caroline af Ugglas starts off promisingly with a laid back cabaret-type song but it seems to lose its way a bit. I’ll have to listen to that one in its entirety before making a final decision.

I was disappointed by Marie Serneholt, formerly of the A-Teens so I was expecting a great song. It may sound better as a whole song but the sample doesn’t really connect (apologies for the pun).

I don’t like the other two songs at all.

To summarise, Alcazar and Shirley Clamp straight to the grand final, and Jonathan Fagerlund and Emilia to the second chance final.

I’ll be up early tomorrow morning to catch the event at the SVT site. 🙂

1 Response to “Melodifestivalen – first semi-final previews”

  1. 1 Håkan
    February 8, 2009 at 7:41 am

    Hi Grant,
    How are you? I’m find. Voted seven times for af Ugglas, five for Alcazar and three for Emillia. Sits here infront of my MacBook and listening to the favorit of last year, Mirakel on the iPod.

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