Tina Stenberg – Tales From A Heart

New album from Tina Stenburg

New album from Tina Stenberg

My first album for 2009 arrived from Sweden on Friday and wow, what an album.

I’ve written about Tina Stenberg before, the Swedish singer songwriter who deserves a much wider audience. Her music and lyrics always touch my heart. Tina’s songs always connect emotionally.

And Tales From A Heart is no different. Eleven beautifully crafted stories of love and loss that have totally hooked me in. I have played the album quite a few times over the last couple of days. I can close my eys and literally be in another place. That’s what great music is all about.

Interestingly, Tina has revisited two songs from her back catalogue – In Your Eyes from her debut album in 1997 and Someday from a 2002 EP. Both favourites of mine so I’m glad that the songs are being presented for a new audience. The new arrangements are noticeably different but not radically so – something a bit different for older fans while retaining the integrity of the originals.

Some of my favourite songs are Better Stay Apart (the trumpet turns my knees to jelly), My Biggest Mistake, Forgive Me and (Things I’d Like To Do) To You. But I can honestly say that I love all the songs.

The album is available right now as a digital download at Tina’s shop at Klicktrack and on the international iTunes.

The physical CD can be bought at CD On and Ginza.

You can hear samples of the songs at the following links:

iTunes also has samples from each of the songs.

Check it out – you won’t be disappointed.

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