Mardi Gras Film Festival 2009

Queer Screen have announced the program for the 2009 Mardi Gras Film Festival. Click here for details.

I am still trying to decide what films to see. There are a few that stand out to me straight away, strangely all comedies. The descriptions are taken from the Queer Screen website and I searched YouTube for the trailers.

Patrik, Age 1.5

Sweden, 2008
A spirited romantic comedy about the ups and downs of adoption. Swedish gay couple Sven and Goran are happily married, and dream of adopting a child and moving to a perfect home in the suburbs. There is just one problem – an unfortunate typo at the adoption agency puts a comma in the wrong place and instead of a baby boy aged 1.5, they are sent a homophobic 15 year old street kid. Exceptionally well put together, this is a smart and very funny film.

Were The World Mine

USA, 2008
If Shakespeare had written a gay musical this would be its modern day remake. Timothy is the gay guy in an all-boys high school, taunted by the football team, yet mysteriously defended by the hunky class jock, Jonathan. He escapes the classroom into a musical fantasy world where lessons become chorus lines, and bullies become ballet dancers. When A Midsummer Night’s Dream is chosen as the school play, he easily lands the role of Puck, and with the help of his mischievous drama teacher, begins to truly embody the enchanted role. Discovering how to make Puck’s magic love potion, Timothy sets out to turn the whole town gay and Jonathan into his adoring boyfriend.

Fashion Victims

Germany, 2007
Unlike its bumbling characters, this quick-witted comedy of errors doesn’t put a foot wrong. Young Karsten’s plans for a summer in Spain come unhinged when his father, Wolfgang, a travelling ladies’ fashion salesmen, loses his licence and needs a driver. Karsten is mortified by this turn of events, until he crosses paths with the older, attractive Steven – summer suddenly looks more interesting. Unfortunately Karsten soon discovers that Steven is his Dad’s chief rival on the retail fashion scene. As Steven schemes to beat Wolfgang to each meeting at each boutique, how will Karsten keep his father from discovering he’s sleeping with the enemy?


Spain, 2008
Gay men have a reputation world-over for moving into run-down areas and transforming them into real estate paradise, and Madrid’s Chueca district is their latest target. The only problem is, Chueca is populated by little old ladies who refuse to sell up and move on. Mysterious and sexy real estate agent Victor takes matters into his own hands, systematically killing off the grannies and instating queer couples in their place. When adorable bear couple Rey and Leo inherit their neighbour’s flat, they unwittingly move Rey’s mum into the neighbourhood and right in the firing line. Equal parts hysterical, thrilling and sexy, this murder romp should not be missed.

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