A few old hits that I loved way back when (the 70s)

It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube. Real trips down memory lane.

Swedish group Secret Service had a hit in 1979 with a song called Oh Susie which I loved to bits.  It was one of those really infectious songs that I could play over and over and over and …

A couple of years earlier, Bob Welch (one time member of Fleetwood Mac) had a big hit with Ebony Eyes.

Harpo may be best known for Moviestar in 1976 but I loved his Australian follow up single Horoscope even more.

1978 and Flash and the Pan gave us Down Among The Dead Men.

I don’t think this 1976 German single was a big hit in Australia but I played it to death just the same.

Another one from 1976. Cutie David Dundas with Jeans On.

1976 really was the year – here is Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band with Cherchez La Femme.

With many thanks to the posters of these videos.

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