Merry Christmas and God Jul


Graeme and I went to IKEA last weekend.  I was hoping for some inspiration furniture-wise.  I ended up ultimately disappointed although I did find a dining table I liked at a good price.  Although everything is supposed to be Swedish, a lot of it was made in China or Vietnam which sort of takes the shine off it.

I did have Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries for lunch which is a favourite dish of mine from when I lived in Sweden.  It was also fun to look through the Swedish food market.  This is usually where you find real Swedish people and there was a mother and her daughter nattering away in Swedish as they filled a trolley with all the Swedish brands.  I was thrilled to find heaps of bottles of julmust, which is a Swedish Christmas soft drink that I really like.  It tastes a little like sweet beer but doesn’t contain any alcohol.  It is incredibly popular in Sweden and over the Christmas season, outsells all other soft drinks.  Coca Cola sales plummet by up to 50% at this time and they have retaliated by trying to come up with their own version of julmust but I believe that isn’t very popular.

So julmust continues to trounce Coca Cola in Sweden.  Your local IKEA store may have it in stock so try it out if you want something a little different.  You may like it and it will feel a little bit like you’re having a Swedish Christmas. All you then need to complete the feeling is a wicker goat and a Peter Jöback Christmas album. 🙂

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