Jason Castro

I’m still finding my way around this whole blog thing so it was by accident that I discovered that there were quite a few comments that had been posted but were awaiting moderation. I had expected to get an email every time that a something was waiting for my approval but of course I had forgotten to update my email address so these notifications were being posted to a defunct address.

Anyway, most of the comments were from irate Jason Castro fans following a comment I had made in a previous post entitled Idol Thoughts back in July.

I was commenting generally on the Idol franchise, just some off the top of my head musings including some observations on the limitations of the format. I mentioned a couple of examples from the American and Australian Idols including Jason Castro who got quite far in this year’s American Idol.

First of all, I should say that a blog is generally the opinions of the writer and that all I was doing was expressing my opinions. I wasn’t saying that I was right or wrong. I was just saying what I thought. And I do stand by what I said. I found Jason Castro very hard to listen to at times. I would physically cringe at some of his bum notes. Something that the commenters of course glossed over was that I did acknowledge that he had some good performances and that he wasn’t all bad.

I could be mean here and post some YouTube examples of what I mean but I won’t. I’m feeling in a good mood so I went looking for some good stuff and I found it.

Before going any further, I’ll just make the observation that one of the major problems with Idol (be it American, Australian, Swedish or whatever) is that it does not always present an artist as it should. Someone can do really bad in the show but actually be really good outside the show. Amanda Jenssen from last year’s Swedish Idol is a good example of this. I couldn’t believe how bad she was when I watched some episodes with her in and I was shocked when she came second. But after Idol was a different story. She put out a brilliant album which has ended up as one of my favourite albums of the year. She is really good. Of course, the vice versa applies where someone is really good on the show but ends up releasing rubbish but I won’t mention any names here. 😉

Back to Jason. The first video is an original song called “Sweet Medicine”. It is a bit rough because he has just sat down with his guitar in front of a camera but it is actually very good.

And here is one of his good performances from American Idol, the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah”. Even Simon Cowell liked it.

While I can’t say that I have converted to being a Jason Castro fan, I can acknowledge when he does something well. He is working on his debut album so I guess we’ll wait and see what happens.

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