Tina Stenberg

Tina Stenberg

It’s hard to believe that it’s been eleven years since my friend Gustav introduced me to the stunning debut album Treat Me Fair from the beautiful Tina Stenberg. I fell in love with the album straight away. I loved the warmth and intimacy of the music and the pureness of Tina’s voice. Tina had written all the songs herself and had a real flair for writing meaningful lyrics.

Gustav and I were lucky enough to see Tina perform the album live at the Stockholm Water Festival. We even met her afterwards and found her to be a very down-to-earth and genuine person.

Tina was discovered by Stig Anderson, ABBA’s former manager and he quickly recognised her singing and songwriting talent. He signed her up and was preparing to launch her as a major artist. Sadly, Stig passed away in September 1997 and any momentum was lost.

Tina released a second album Still Pretty Nice in 2004. Unfortunately, the record company went bankrupt not long after and the album went unnoticed.

Tina has had a run of bad luck career-wise and it has been criminal that such a talent has lay hidden away. Hopefully, this is about to change.

Recently, I had been drawn back to the album that started it all, Treat Me Fair. It has been on my playlist over the last couple of months and as well as enjoying the music and reliving my time in Sweden in 1997, I felt sad that we had no music from Tina. Imagine my surprise and joy when I got an email from a very excited Gustav to say that a new single and album are being released imminently.

The single is called “Now That You’re Gone” and is a beautiful ballad that recalls the warmth of the first album. It comes out on 24 November (only two weeks away) and can be heard at Tina’s MySpace page.

The album is Tales Of A Heart and is out on 21 January 2009 and lets just say that the date is marked in my calendar. 🙂


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