All booked for Christmas in ever lovin’ Adelaide

I normally don’t look forward to Christmas but this year, I have two weeks off work and will be heading back to Adelaide with Graeme. We both grew up in Adelaide (Graeme was born there and I moved there when I was 12) and I like to go back from time to time to catch up with family and friends.

We went back last year and although we had a great time, it was a bit stressful since the bookings were done at the last minute and it was a rush, leaving work and getting to the airport.

This year feels better since we have booked both the flights and accommodation in plenty of time. Graeme is a little edgy since he usually prefers to be more spontaneous but overall, we’re happy that everything is set in place. Also, there won’t be any late night packing and frantic dashes to the airport (well, hopefully not) since we’ll be leaving on a Sunday and not direct from work. Since last year felt a little short at only a week, this year, we’ll have ten days.

We’re staying in a serviced apartment in leafy North Adelaide, the same place as last year. A really nice place with the best air conditioning (last year was unbearably hot). We felt really comfortable there and were able to relax, prepare our own food, watch DVDs and so on.

I hope to reacquaint myself with a fabulous bar called The Promethean on Grote Street. It is a converted gothic church which specialises in playing soul and funk music, which I love. The fluorescent green bar is a treat and overall, the place has heaps of atmosphere. They also have live music there so I’ll be checking out what’s on before I get there. Hopefully, it won’t have closed down as Adelaide bars tend to do. The website is still up and running which is a good sign.

There will be a lot of catching up with people, cafes, pubs and a bit of shopping (not too much) as well as a lot of relaxing, walking and the such. Should be great. 🙂

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